A 4-Tier Offering

Building on the basics of what other investment firms offer, our depth of expertise allows us to go beyond our core investment management service. We’ve structured our firm to deliver an additional three levels of planning and advice.

A Team Approach

Collaboration is absolutely essential to achieve our clients’success. Each of our clients has complete access to every team member to support them along their financial journey. As a fiduciary, each team member is held to the highest standard of care and ethics, acting only in the best interests of each client.

Our Process



Your financial circumstances and goals are the focus of our first meeting.

  • Guided Goal Discussion

    Your Wealth Manager and your Relationship Manager, walk you through a focused discussion around your personal goals and financial considerations.

  • AEGIS Discovery Guide

    A powerful tool designed to help discover your investment goals with ease. Using this intuitive workbook will help you define your objectives and guide you toward success.

  • Risk Profile

    Complete our investment profile questionnaire to help us understand your personal risk tolerance.

Retirement &
Tax Analysis

Retirement &
Tax Analysis

We collect the data we need. Begin identifying suitable retirement strategies and perform an analysis of your opportunities to save on

  • Documents & Data Checklist

    We itemize all remaining documents and pieces of information needed to allow for full-scope review and plan development.

Plan Presentation & Tax Strategy

Plan Presentation & Tax Strategy

We present your financial life plan and proposed strategies

  • Proven Tax Strategies

  • **Financial Life Plan

    The AEGIS approach to Financial Planning encompasses all aspects of your wealth, with integrated tax strategies throughout.



We help carry out the implementation of your plan.

  • Implementation Checklist & Timeline

    To help ensure your Financial Life Plan is properly implemented, we map out all related steps on a prioritized timeline.

  • Tax Restructure

    We present our strategies for improving tax efficiency within your financial picture.

  • Communication Plan

    We share with you our ongoing communication and accessibility commitments, and we document your preferences for contact.

Proactive Plan Management

Proactive Plan Management

We initiate an active process to keep your plan relevant.

  • Performance Reporting

    You receive quarterly reports displaying your progress toward investment goals.

  • Wealth Transition Guidance

    Rest assured, we are fully equipped to expertly guide you through any major life change or financial transition you may experience. Our analysis, proposed strategies, & follow-up implementation can give you the peace of mind you need.

  • Plan Revision Summary

    Following our annual review, we ensure all relevant changes are reflected in your investment strategy.

**Included in Financial Planning Program or available upon request.


Your Financial Life Plan incorporates all aspects of your wealth, and with our unique tax-oriented approach, we also ensure that tax strategies are integrated throughout. This helps us to identify ways to boost your progress toward the goals we uncover together while minimizing your tax burden.

Our exclusive experience tools and service approach work in perfect harmony with your Financial Life Plan to ensure that your finances are always organized, transparent, and aligned with your lifestyle needs.


We collaborate with other professionals as needed, tailored to your unique financial needs. Working alongside your wealth manager, these professionals help us to deliver guidance on tax planning, Social Security, long-term care, insurance, and estate planning.

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