Inside Scoop | AEGIS Cares Q1 & Q2 Giving Plan

February 26th, 2020 | | AEGIS Cares, AEGIScoop

AEGIS Cares Q1 Giving Plan

This last quarter AEGIS Financial selected The Winnebago County Literacy Council’s Spellbound for Literacy, a Grown-up Spelling Bee to support. We were informed of this special event by an individual that we serve at our firm.

On February 6th, a handful of team members at AEGIS Financial attended the Spellbound for Literacy, a Grown-up Spelling Bee at the Culver Family Welcome Center at UW Oshkosh. Let’s just say, they had a BBBBBLAST!

If you’re not familiar with The Winnebago County Literacy Council, they were established to strengthen the community of Oshkosh by developing and providing effective literacy programs and services. If you’re interested in learning more about The Winnebago County Literacy Council and ways you could contribute to the impact they’re making in our community, you can click the link below to view their website.


AEGIS Cares Q2 Giving Plan

We’re excited to announce that AEGIS Financial will be partnering with Oshkosh Corporation for their annual Feed the Body, Feed the Soul event in Oshkosh! This annual, Feed the Body, Feed the Soul packing event exists to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families in Northeast Wisconsin!

On Thursday, May 7 the team at AEGIS Financial will volunteer to pack food at Feed the Body, Feed the Soul. Oshkosh Corporation has not yet published further details about this event. The opportunity to sign up to volunteer at this event will be available in April.

We will send further details about Feed the Body, Feed the Soul as soon as we receive them. We would welcome you to join our team on May 7th!

If there are any organizations or causes that you would like us to support, please call Mariah Madell at (920) 233-4650 or email at       

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