The Biggest Questions for Business Owners

The biggest questions that owners face with respect to their wealth all have one common thread: TAX.

Understanding the impact that tax will have on your income, savings, and future wealth in all possible scenarios is the key to effective financial planning. That’s why we ask the question, shouldn’t tax knowledge be central to your wealth advice?

  • What is the best way to accumulate my personal wealth while my business is growing?
  • How can I use the wealth I’ve earned to support my retirement?
  • How should I transition out of my business?

12-Part Business Succession Guide

In our experience working with all kinds of business owners, the succession of the business is simultaneously one of the most important goals owners have and one of the least talked about aspects of running a business. This guidebook bridges the discussion of succession, long-term plans, and the possibility of family members or third parties eventually acquiring the business.

AEGIS Discovery Guide

Our comprehensive discovery exercises help to uncover crucial priorities that are often overlooked in the planning process – such as personal values and the legacy you envision for future generations.

As an owner, are you taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to save on tax?


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If the value of a dollar can be cut in half by tax, the value of a wholly tax-efficient investment and wealth plan can be remarkably high. This is the opportunity we create for our clients.

William L Bowman

CPA President, Wealth Manager

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