Parents | The 5 C’s to Consider

As parents it’s easy to get side-tracked and routine stricken because your entire life revolves around the needs, wants and aspirations of your kids. The following 5 Financial Tips will help you immensely.  

My suggestion would be to implement one step each month, instead of feeling overwhelmed with trying to complete all at once. It’s important for your future and can make a huge difference for your kids. 

The 5 C’s to consider: 

1. Clean-Up and organize old files

2. Communicate with your kids on who they need to talk to (advisor, attorney or other professional) or where they can find important financial documents

3. Calculate your retirement income projections and know that you are on the right track

4. Create your financial life plan (a road map into your future) to prepare you for expected and unexpected circumstances

5. Collaborate with a professional and get a second opinion to make sure you’re confident

Share this with parents you know and please feel free to reach out to AEGIS Financial if you have questions!

Any opinions are those of Jacob Harmsen and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.














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