Organizing Your Financial Life

April 18th, 2017 | Advice4Life, Business Dimensions

Buying a home, changing jobs, going through a divorce or having a baby can create an overwhelming amount of paperwork. You can give yourself an advantage by getting your papers organized ahead of time. When you have accurate, up-to-date information in front of you its easier to make better and faster decisions on the fly. Your family can also benefit if you’ve taken the time to organize because they can make better decisions on your behalf if ever you are unable to help.

Get Started

Take a deep breathe…. Okay…. Start with papers you are most familiar with. Then, try to anticipate future needs in small increments. What might your needs be six months from now? One year, or five years? Will you have a child entering college? Do you expect to retire? Anticipating the next chapter in life can help you prioritize which areas to organize first.

Here are a few more steps you can take to get started:

  • Gather your important documents using “6 Steps to Organizing Your Life” as a guide.
  • Use the secure online storage Vault through Raymond James Investor Access
  • Get a drop-file, fireproof filing cabinet.
  • Fill out the LifeFolio Checklist.
  • Update your information every six months, or as you experience a major change in life.

Be as detailed as possible. The professionals at AEGIS Financial can help you complete the checklist and help you find solutions to the questions that arise through the process. Don’t forget to consult an attorney or certified public accountant for legal or tax matters that come up or to obtain any related documentation. Think of the checklist as the “Table of Contents” for your financial life. A good “Table of Contents” can indicate a really good book!

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