AEGIS Cares Q3 & Q4 Giving Plans

November 10th, 2021 | | AEGIS Cares, AEGIScoop

AEGIS Cares Q3 Giving Plan

Did you know that there are many children right here in our community that do not have a bed to sleep in at night? Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is an organization that has been addressing this problem in our community and many others.

For our Quarter 3 Giving Plan we partnered with SHP and collected bedding and monetary donations as well as participated in helping build 40+ beds for the Fond Du Lac Community! The build took place on Saturday, October 23rd and a majority of our team worked hard and got dirty! See the pictures below!

AEGIS Cares Q4 Giving Plan

For our Quarter 4 Giving Plan we will be donating turkeys and hams to Father Carr’s of Oshkosh and St. Joe’s Food program of Menasha for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will also be adopting a family from both Winnebago and Outagamie Counties for Christmas! The program consists of helping families in need receive a Christmas Dinner, gifts, and other necessities for the season. In the near future, we will be sending out a newsletter with more details on how you can help too. Stay tuned!

If there are any organizations or causes that you would like us to support, please call Courtney Krell at (920) 233-4650 or email her at

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