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August 2nd, 2017 | AEGIS Cares

The AEGIS Financial team spent some time with Leona, Jim, Tom, Marian, Jaunita, Doris, Ethel, Sandra, and Helen from Miravida Living of Oshkosh.

The first fleet of rickshaw bikes cruised through the trails along Sawyer Creek, near Red Arrow Park. We relaxed, talked, fed the ducks, and devoured some donuts and muffins as our morning treat. 

The second fleet of bikes perused downtown to pedal along the Oshkosh River Walk and head to Caramel Crisp for an ice cream social on a warm summer afternoon.

Yes it was fun to see new places, enjoy some treats, and drive electric-assist bikes, but that isn’t what made the impression on our hearts…

It was rather the simple, precious moments we shared with each person that day.

One of our riders was Leona. With her soft, sweet voice, she said, “I’m 103 years old this year.”… Of course this required an instant hand hold and an unbelievable feeling and appreciation for life. Leona’s mind is as sharp as a whip so it was shocking to realize that she was born in 1914 and has been living at Miravida Living since 2004. Merely being in the presence of such a remarkable, independent, wise woman was a gift to each of us. 

If you haven’t volunteered for Cycling Without Age yet, we would highly recommend that you do… and take your team along for the ride too! 

Check out photos from that day…

All smiles for Leona and Melonie, Program Coordinator at Miravida Living, as they enjoy the sunshine.

The first fleet leaves their breakfast break by the pond to voyage through the trails.

Jim is grinning from ear to ear after saying “Let’s Go!” to Mariah. 

The first fleet takes a pit stop along Sawyer Creek underneath the trees.

The second fleet gathers together on the Oshkosh Riverwalk.

Helen feeling the breeze through her hair next to the Fox River with Jake as her personal chauffeur. 

The second fleet groups together in front of Caramel Crisp before getting tasty ice cream and cookies. 

Raymond James is not affiliated with Miravida Living/Cycling Without Age program. 

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