Inside Scoop | Why is an associate from Raymond James calling me?

February 26th, 2020 | | AEGIScoop

Why is an associate from Raymond James calling me?

The RIA Dedicated Solutions (RDS) department is responsible for assisting with money movement transactions, as it relates to client validation, for RIA firms. Additionally, RDS can be contacted for form-related questions, specific questions related to in-progress requests, and clarification on rejected requests.

Due to a recent Securities & Exchange Commission Ruling, RDS will contact you to confirm that you have requested any of the following from AEGIS Financial:

  • Receipt of a New ACH request (withdrawals sent to a new bank account)
  • New Standing Letter of Authorization Profile Request
  • To confirm first-time wire instructions
  • To confirm select third party requests
  • Setup of New Qualified Charitable Distributions

If RDS is unable to reach you, a voicemail will be left with call back instructions to the toll-free phone number, 877-587-7497. RDS will be staffed Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

RDS will be calling from a phone number with a 727 area code. For example, 727-567-####. If you see on your caller ID, please accept these calls so, they can confirm this information with you.

Any questions or concerns, please contact your Client Service Associate at AEGIS Financial and they can assist you.

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