Inside Scoop | AEGIS Cares Q4 Giving Plan Results

January 16th, 2019 | | AEGIS Cares, AEGIScoop

This last quarter Bill and Shawnee shared the story of their daughter Mikayla and the struggles she went through. We decided as a team to support the Ronald McDonald House since Bill and Shawnee stayed there during Mikayla’s struggle at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. Our goal was to provide Hospitality Bags for 30 families who many times find themselves unexpectedly at the house, as Bill and Shawnee did. AEGIS Financial matched the first 15 Hospitality Bags, which helped us reach our initial goal of 30 bags! We were so touched by the level of participation in our community. In total we raised 110 Hospitality Bags for families in need at the Ronald McDonald House. We’re so grateful for those who chose to honor Bill and Shawnee’s daughter in this way.

In the weeks to come we will announce our AEGIS Cares Q1 Giving Plan! We will be supporting The Oasis at Mercy Hospital. Brian Rogers will share his story as to why this organization is near and dear to his heart. If there are any organizations or causes that you would like us to support, please call Mariah Madell at (920) 233-4650 or email at

Below: The team at AEGIS Financial is grateful for your support in this great cause.
Below: Bill and Shawnee delivered the donated items to the Ronald McDonald House.











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