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August 6th, 2021 | | AEGIS Cares, AEGIScoop

AEGIS Cares Q2 Giving Plan

For our Second Quarter Giving Plan, we participated in Leadership Oshkosh’s Trivia Night held on May 20th. This event helped the Leadership Oshkosh Class of 2021 raise money for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services Center and the Leadership Oshkosh Program.

Go to Leadership Oshkosh’s Facebook page today to find out how you can help!

AEGIS Cares Q3 Giving Plan

For AEGIS Financial’s Third Quarter Giving Plan, we will be sponsoring and participating in Winnebago County Literacy Council’s Spellbound Spelling Bee held on September 23! This event helps support the Literacy Council and raising funds for their programs. Their vision is through their influence, the Winnebago area will be known for valuing, promoting, and supporting literacy so that the residents of our community achieve sustained independence and truly thrive.

Visit: to find out how you can help!

If there are any organizations or causes that you would like us to support, please call Courtney Krell at (920) 233-4650 or email her at

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