What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

June 28th, 2017 | Advice4Life

It’s summer… Now what? 

The season that brings sunlight, flowers and flip flops back into the game of life.

Although it may feel like you’re scurrying to get things done or too busy for extracurricular activities… it makes a big difference when you choose to do something memorable and make summertime plans with the ones you love. Get motivated by the long list of things to do this summer.

Here are some options for your Summer Bucket List:

  1. Play Frisbee
  2. Go Swimming
  3. Go Fishing
  4. Go Camping
  5. Camp out in the backyard
  6. Read 10 books
  7. Have a water balloon fight
  8. Ride a rollercoaster
  9. Have a sleepover
  10. Go to the Zoo
  11. Make smores by the fire
  12. Overcome a fear
  13. Take a mini road trip
  14. Dance in the rain
  15. Go to the fair
  16. Have a family bike ride trip
  17. Have a cookout
  18. Make root beer floats
  19. Keep a journal
  20. Walk in the woods
  21. Make popsicles
  22. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  23. Go somewhere you’ve never been
  24. Try a new food
  25. Learn a new skill
  26. Watch a movie outside
  27. Leave a note for a stranger
  28. Gaze at the stars
  29. Volunteer
  30. Ride a carousel
  31. Have a Disney Movie Marathon
  32. Watch the sunrise and the sunset
  33. Have a garage sale
  34. Visit a relative/family members
  35. Have a family game night
  36. Create a summer scratch book
  37. Donate old toys
  38. Spend a day in your pajamas
  39. Collect Sea Shells
  40. Make a new friend
  41. Watch fireworks
  42. Play mini golf
  43. Make a homemade pizza
  44. Make an ice cream sundaes
  45. Visit a friend at work
  46. Go bowling
  47. Have a cousin sleepover
  48. Go on a mommy/daddy date
  49. Eat breakfast in bed
  50. Go on a nature walk
  51. Grill out
  52. Take a nap in a hammock
  53. Go to an outdoor concert
  54. Go canoeing
  55. Cozy up in a cabin in the woods
  56. Take a family photo
  57. Eat corn on the cob
  58. Ride a ferris wheel
  59. Go to a baseball game
  60. Bake a pie
  61. Light sparklers on the 4th of July
  62. Serve one of your neighbors
  63. Make a new recipe
  64. Visit a historical site
  65. Go to a parade
  66. Feed the ducks at a pond
  67. Make homemade ice cream
  68. Eat watermelon slices in the sun

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