Raymond James Celebrates 55 Years

August 21st, 2017 | | AEGIScoop

As an independent practice, AEGIS Financial is under the umbrella of Raymond James. We are proud of Raymond James’ 55-year history of family, entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to independence, conservatism, integrity and putting clients first.

On August 16, 1962, Bob James founded Robert A. James Investments, in a small, downtown St. Petersburg apartment.

From the start, Bob believed the firm had a responsibility to generate more than just profits. It was his sophisticated investment advice that helped people plan for the future, and it’s what continues to set Raymond James apart from other established companies in our industry.

This is also why they call themselves the premier alternative to Wall Street. They’re committed to providing tools and resources to the advisors around the globe, including AEGIS Financial, so that we can do our job, while giving us the independence to make decisions on behalf of our clients.

Raymond James has weathered volatile markets, too – including the economic downturn of the ‘70s and “Black Monday” in 1987 when the stock markets plunged. Despite the opposition, the firm has survived by taking a conservative, long-term approach to business and keeping clients first.

Want to learn more about Raymond James’ 55 years of rich history? Visit the Company History timeline for a comprehensive look at milestones.


Information provided by Raymond James.

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