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July 17th, 2019 | | AEGIScoop

Raymond James Elevate Conference

At the end of April, Bill & Kristie attended the annual Raymond James Financial Services 4 day professional development conference held in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino. With nearly 250 sessions to choose from, Bill and Kristie were able to tailor their experience to our team’s needs and goals for growth.  They chose different sessions to ensure they are both not attending the same session to ensure they are getting the best experience for the team.  General sessions, breakouts and intensive workshops were presented by industry partner, industry experts, top advisors, home-office department leaders and senior RJ executives, featuring the latest industry insights and tactical ways to enhance our business.  They had the opportunity to connect with peers and presenters, sharing best practices from others while finding ways to refine ours. Many of the sessions topics were centered around company/team culture, giving back to your community and mentoring the next generation of advisors. The attendance of financial advisors and branch professional staff was a record breaking event with 4,100+ spouses/significant others.  Kristie’s feedback on this event:  “These conferences are absolutely amazing learning from the experts and other peers what is making them successful.  Everyone is open and willing to share their best practices to help Bill and I to implement some of these ideas with AEGIS Financial. Each year, I reconnect with professional friends and make new ones at these events. I am grateful to be able to attend such an event.”


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