Inside Scoop | Partnership with University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

October 16th, 2019 | | AEGIScoop

Partnership with University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

AEGIS Financial/ASC Wealth is partnering with UWO Organization Communication Class. The class of 12 senior students and Professor Christy Brazee will develop an onboarding process that can be used to integrate the practices of AEGIS Financial and ASC Wealth as well as streamline the current Investment Review process of the two firms.

As a client, you may see UWO students in our office interviewing or shadowing with our teams to understand the business and processes.  The two teams will present their findings to us in December.

We are honored to be working in tandem with these seniors at UWO.  We wish them much success in the class projects and their future.

Note: The professor and the students have signed confidentiality agreements with the two firms.

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