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January 30th, 2019 | | AEGIS Cares

Let the hairstylist do the work

 If you have a hair service completed during January 31st – March 31st send us a copy of your receipt for AEGIS Financial to donate 5% of the service cost to The Oasis up to $350. You may email your receipt to Mariah Madell at or you may bring a copy to our Oshkosh office.

 GUESS WHAT?! At the end, AEGIS Financial will randomly select 2 receipts to gift a $25 gift card to the winning participant’s salon.

Wait, that’s not all! Trillium Salon and Mane Attraction Salon & Day Spa is partnering with us!

During the month of February, Trillium Salon will donate the cost of 2 haircuts to The Oasis! In addition, Trillium Salon will have a donation jar available if anyone would like to give a monetary donation to The Oasis. *Click Trillium Salon’s logo to view their website.*

From January 31st – March 31st Mane Attraction Salon & Day Spa will donate 5% of any salon or spa services to The Oasis. In addition, if you mention the AEGIS Financial Promotion, you will receive $10 off of a $25 service or higher. The $10 discount will be donated to The Oasis! *Click Mane Attraction Salon & Day Spa’s logo to view their website.*

Last year my daughter Emma donated her hair to locks of love. I was proud of her for doing so, but little did I know I would come to have a much better appreciation for the significance of that gift.  In September of 2018, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  I first underwent surgery and then one round of chemotherapy.  The nurses told me that hair loss with this particular chemo treatment was a near certainty.  I thought I was prepared for the hair loss, but it turned out I was not.

I clearly remember that sinking feeling in my stomach that Monday morning.  I shampooed my hair, and then I looked down at my hands which were covered in hair.  For the rest of that week, whenever I touched my beard or scratched an itch on my head, hair would cover my shirt, my desk, the kitchen table, or whatever else I was near.  By the end of the week, it was time to just take it all off.  The first swipe of the razor down the middle of the head was difficult.  The first look in the mirror was a bit traumatic.  Up to that point, I had certainly felt like a cancer patient, but I had not looked like one.  That process of hair loss brought the reality of the situation crashing down.

I am a guy who has been told that I have a good head for the bald look, and it still affected me greatly.  I can only imagine the impact hair loss has on women and young girls going through cancer treatment, so this is why I chose this organization to help support. In early 2019, The Oasis at Mercy medical center is opening to help.  The Oasis is an updated, full service wig boutique for women, children and men who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions. This “boutique” is where individuals with cancer can find the materials, expertise and support they need to feel good about themselves. Services provided through the boutique will include head shaving in a private, personal environment when hair loss begins, wig fitting and ordering, skin care and makeup consultation. The Oasis will offer a private and healing experience for any individual in the community who is interested in a wig or some other type of head covering.

This space is a labor of love, made possible through community partnerships and fully funded by philanthropy.  Gifts to the Oasis Hair Studio Fund support those who cannot afford services. No one is turned away. 

Good news though, after I completed all of my treatments, I am now cancer free!

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse The Oasis or Mercy Health Foundation.

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