AEGIS Cares | 50 Turkey & 50 Ham Donation to Father Carr’s

November 23rd, 2017 | | AEGIS Cares

50 Turkey & 50 Ham Donation to Father Carr’s

As many of you may remember, Roy Duxstad started the tradition of giving turkeys at Christmas a number of years ago. Bill Bowman, and the team at AEGIS Financial, has continued to carry-out this tradition for the 10th consecutive year. This year’s donation has a special story behind it.

As we brainstormed potential organizations to benefit from the donation this year, we selected our neighbor, Father Carr’s Place 2B. Each Friday as we drive by Father Carr’s on our way to work; our hearts yearn to help the individuals who patiently wait outside the doors to receive food to get them through the next week. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

When we made the call to Father Carr’s to inform them of our donation, we knew something special had occurred. A miracle had taken place! We were told that the staff at Father Carr’s prayed about their current shortage of turkeys the day before our call! They hoped and prayed that their need would be fulfilled. We were thrilled to have been a part of the answer to their prayers. A donation for the memory books – that’s for sure!

While we spoke to Bob, Executive Director of Father Carr’s Place 2B, we were in awe to learn that Father Carr’s cooks 1,000 Thanksgiving meals for individuals in the greater Oshkosh area. On Thanksgiving Day they open their doors for 200 individuals to enjoy a warm turkey dinner. Father Carr’s doesn’t stop there. They have a handful of volunteers that cook, prepare and deliver 800 turkey dinners to families in the greater Oshkosh area.  Bob expressed their gratitude for those volunteers that serve on a daily basis at Father Carr’s. Bob informed us that they not only cook Thanksgiving meals; they also cook delicious ham dinners for Christmas.  To ensure that Father Carr’s had plenty of meat for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, our team chose to donate 50 turkeys and 50 hams! Bob was overjoyed with our donation and couldn’t wait to inform the staff members with the great news.

On Monday, November 6th we delivered 50 turkeys to Father Carr’s. The donation of the 50 hams will take place in December for the Christmas dinners. After the turkeys were placed in the freezer, we had the privilege to receive a guided tour of Father Carr’s Pantry, Chapel, Medical Center and the Apartment Shelters for both men and women/children. It was amazing to learn all that Father Carr’s does for those in need.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and click here to receive more information about Father Carr’s and their mission!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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